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IdiotaConQueso's PEZ Palace
Newz U Can Uze

Thanks to Ben @ for the great information. Couldn't do it without ya'!
+ On Sunday, July 21, 2002 at approximixitwily 2:00 AM (ok, so technically it was already Monday, the 22nd), I was on the internet chatting when I made a completely scientifical heh discovery. I invented the word "anywhy." Or at least I think I did because I have never heard it before. So I am a genius like you all thought!!!
+ And I though PEZ was supposed to rot your teeth? PEZ company will be teaming up with Ewing Design Group to market PEZ Toothpaste. More on this later, here's a picture for now.

+ PEZ Website has offically opened a store on their website. You can purchase any PEZ you seen in stores for a costlier price, and pick up some of the website/mail order only PEZ products. Includes dispensers, banks, candy, and anything else PEZ. Click here to visit the store and possibly spend some money. Heh.

+ PEZ has decided to introduce PEZ USA Hearts into the wide world of PEZ. No clue of the price, but they'll probably be introduced through mail order. Which stinks because I never get any of those! Whaaa! Click Here to see!
+ BBC cartoon series Tweenies will debut as dispensers! This is a European hit only! Click here to see what the heck Tweenies look like!
+ PEZ Sourz candy dispensers with sour candy will be released in August (USA). They will include Blueberry (Raspberry), Pineapple, Apple, and Watermelon. Click here to see!
+ NEW Crystal Ball PEZ dispenser, mail order only! Click here to see!
+ ET Dispensers now a Toys R Us exclusive! Grab them while you can! Or before he rides his PEZ bike to his home planet! Or maybe he'll call a PEZ taxi with his PEZ phone! "ET PHONE HOME!" ha ha. Oh, I almost forgot, click here to view!
+ Bob the Builder and his silly little friends (that I probably wont be able to get my hands on ever) is released in Canada and Europe! Click here to see!
+ PEZ drinks will be released in Canada and the US with over 50 collectable heads/bottle tops! Not sure about flavors, but they will be released in September! Click here to learn more! Sorry guys, no pictures!
+ This year marks the 50th Anniversary of PEZ! Rumor has it that they plan on remaking the original Golden Glow PEZ dispenser. Click here for an image!
New Pink Panther variation!
Star Wars PEZ 2002!