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IdiotaConQueso's PEZ Palace
History of Pez

An original PEZ gun.

The word PEZ originates from the German word for peppermint (pfefferminz). It was invented by Edward Haas, who wanted an alternative for smoking adults. PEZ comes from the first, middle, and last letters of the word PfeffErminZ.

In 1948, PEZ came out with regular dispensers, which are dispensers without character heads. Before this, PEZ were carried around in tins similar to
Altoids. In 1952 PEZ began to market their products in the United States, producing the dispensers with heads.
PEZ company is currently located in Orange, CT, and operates 24 hours a day.
MORE ABOUT PEZ: there are over 300 different PEZ dispensers, but if you collect by color vartiation, there are thousands. They range from indians to cartoon characters, trucks to animals, etc. You can even make your own PEZ, that will sell on EBAY for thousands of dollars if it isa good design NOT!
There's more to it than just dispensers, my good buddy ol' pal indeedy! Ray guns, banks, eye glass cases, frikkin popcorn for Pete's sake!, PEZ pops, PEZ Johnny Lightning cars, magnets, bags, valentines, cereal boxes, yo-yos, phone card covers, rings, keychains, clothing, advertisements, ad sheets, visors, address labels, stickers, costumes, puzzles, nodders, bubble wands, shooters, dolls, clickers, robots, masks, etc!!! It's crazy I tell you!! CRAZY!!
WHERE TO BUY AMY PEZ: he he! Target, Walmart, Eckerd, Walgreens, Publix, Party City, any party stores, any dollar stores, Big Lots (pay half price of what most charge!), Albersons, craft stores, Hallmark and Carlton sells PEZ ornaments, Spencer's Gifts, etc.
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