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IdiotaConQueso's PEZ Palace


Pez isn't the only thing I'm interested in! I am a very culturally experienced person, I'm very open to most everything! There are some things I dislike such as boy bands, mainstream rock (Blink 182/Green Day :), red meat (ok, I do like Steakburgers :), crappy pens, old fashioned people, biased people, trendy people, people who don't stick to what they say , people who have sites about themselves, people who label themselves, (ok enough about people), etc. I will update this list as soon as I think of something else to put on it :).
Now on to the things I absolutely love!


Let's start with music (no this isn't in any particular order): PINK FLOYD! STING! George Michael, Simon and Garfunkel (Simon more :), Sarah Brightman, The Beatles, Andrea Bocelli, Sade, PINK FLOYD all the way!, Peter Gabriel, Aerosmith, Craig David, etc., etc., etc.!

Sure, I have this car!
Ok, ok, the Hot Wheels version, but still...

Stores I like include GAP, Hot Topic, Target, ok what's the point of this list? :)
Food: EVERYTHING (except red meats) Macaroni Grill ROCKS! And cold macaroni and cheese, so if I am sick and you cook me some and let it get cold and then bring it to my house and give it to me I will be happy and say "get the hell outa my house when I am sick!"
Books are great, anything Anthony Hopkins, Chris Rock, (it is 12:46 AM right now), MOO, inside jokes, funny people, success, my grades :), my teachers, my school, etc.  I also love riding my bike that was specially built by my good man Ken Hawe, Jackie Chan, Jet Li, speaking Spanish, culture, and meeting new people! Especially if you are not American! I'll update this section when I think of something important enough to go on this page.
He he he!

My Favorite Lynx (Places to spend your free time):