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IdiotaConQueso's PEZ Palace
Mis Amigos

Hmmmmmmmm... EEEEnteresting...

Hey everyone! Please, if you find a picture to be offensive, I'm sorry, but I just HAVE to embarrass my best of friends that I actually have had the pleasure of taking pictures of, on my website! (That's isn't very many, obviously :) If you personally have a picture on my site, and want it off, click here. Have a nice day!

Of course sibblings can be friends! Sometimes...
Jeff and I.. In our jammies!

Ken and I.

Of course I had to throw my cat in the box, I mean, this picture on my site!!

My Homies' Links! VISIT THEM NOW!


Where's the food?
Adam and I

Shoutouts go to (Try to find your name:) : Carrie Ann Campbell Soup, Brian Roswell Hunter, Kenny Hawe, Ian Finlasyon, Mary Ross, Arvin Charles Faustino Filipino Culatuban Ay Ang Sarap Puta Na Ka Bakla !ANG SAKIT! Sino ng nanay mo! Pansit Eating Peeelipino, Scott Campbell, Mallory Nichols, Diana Tamayo, Javi en Espana (hola mi amigo y gracias por buscando por PEZ!) Adam Plantz, Justin Fuchs, Lisa Le, Brian Roswell Hunter, Mike Dobrinski, Ian Ryles, Matt Orozco, Chad Wilson (you will NOT win), Kathie Bosser, Thuy Nguyen, Mrs. Watkins, Mr. White (White Willie), Tom and Scott, Marianne and Mitch, Jeffrey Santee, Austin, Collette, Kevin Elliot, Robert Puchalla, Dad, Danny Zeoli, Mr. and Mrs. Guy Hunter (ha ha I just love that name!!:), Jenny Fischer ha!, not AJ Wilson, not Holly Sikes, Scott, Tom, Scott again, Martin Frobisher, Jeanne Grinstead, Senorita Jacome, Dad, Carole, James over at Verizon (you hippie), Dot, Walter, and Greg over at Radio Shack (NOT!!!), all those Asian imposters at the Japanese place at the mall (si, tengo un novio! y quiero un pollo con eggrolls!), Farzan (yeah, thanks for covering me when I have to pee!), Guilherme Mendez in Brazil, Brian Roswell Hunter, the cool Indian dude at Almond House, Cory Lach, Mom, Mr. Ness, Mollie, Tia's Tex Mex workers, Macaroni Grill workers (including Jenn, Jennifer, Scott, Jeff, Arvin, and Tim (who also works at Tia's :), Mrs. Skaggs, Claude from Radio Shack, and a million other people I didn't mention because it is 1:11 AM (13:26AM) (10:49PM) and I am just now starting this page. Sorry! Hey, why don't I go get my yearbook! Hee hee!

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